Why we’re not ready for mainstream Tablet computing…yet

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Recently I discussed (albeit somewhat crudely) the mass flood of E-Reader devices that made their debut at the recent CES exhibition and what the future holds for Joe Average. I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal that yesterday I, yes me, despite the very best restraint I could muster, purchased an Amazon Kindle 2 which I will be collecting during my visit to Miami this coming weekend.

I expect buyer’s remorse to take effect by February 1.

Amid the guff surrounding the release of a new E-Reader device every 14.27 seconds during CES one player that kept it’s cards firmly pressed against it’s chest was Apple.

Until now. Read more »

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Tom Hanks, bowel evacuation and E-Readers. A love story.

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Scientists and Historians can be certain of two absolute and undeniable facts. Mankind has forever had the mandatory requirement to evacuate their bowels in turn leading them to spend literally thousands of years designing waste receptacles and developing elaborate sanitation systems to handle it. Mankind has also spent the best part of millions of years trying to communicate both verbally and through the written word. Thus thanks to this genius idea we have at least some sources of reference to study or read up on our ancestors. Proof, if any were needed, that the bathroom and the written word have been strangely entwined together since the dawn of time.

Fast forward to today, January 12th 2010. CES in Las Vegas is over and aside from all the hoo-haa over 3D televisions, the devices that I feel made the really big noise at this years’ exhibition were E-Readers. Read more »

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A slight increase in site traffic today…

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Ajay Bhatt

Don’t try to act so surprised, we all know before today the only person who read this blog was me!

Today I feel like Ajay Bhatt!

What a day it has been, it appears the previous post regarding the Windows 7 party pack unboxing has proven to be quite popular across the Internet. It has been covered by rather large and popular names such as Ars Technica (who were very pleasant and asked me a few questions about the party pack and my emails, you can read more plus the interview on their website). Also big names The Consumerist and Engadget covered this blog entry in their news stories. Not to mention lots of forums, folk on Twitter and various other social networking and tech websites.

It’s quite a lot to take in to see your daily visitors jump from 31 to approaching 20,000 and still counting (I’m getting hits every 3 to 4 seconds, incredible). I shall enjoy my 5 minutes of web fame before falling off the map in to obscurity!

Some answers to frequently asked questions about the party pack

  • Yes I received both 32bit and 64bit editions. The 64bit edition comes in the form of an Anytime Upgrade DVD which comes separately in the package. You can see it in the white disc sleeve on the photos. The other disc which is in the black Windows 7 card sleeve is the 32bit DVD.
  • I have installed the Signature Ultimate Edition tonight and can confirm it a) needs activating, which it did successfully so it is not a different kind of key and b) it is just Ultimate Edition with different packaging. I have yet to find anything different about it from a quick snoop around.
  • I’ll take some more snaps of the bags if you wish although my schedule is rather busy right now, if I said the weekend, many folk will likely have received their packages by then so images may appear for you sooner than you think!
  • No I am not a plant, nor do I work for Microsoft. I simply sent an email with no intention of receiving a reply but Microsoft graciously replied to my email and very kindly offered me the gift.
  • No my bedsheets are not from the 1940′s.
  • Has anyone else played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days yet? I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to it this weekend!

Thank you for all your great comments both on this site and across the ones I have seen so far on the Internet. I hope maybe some (or hopefully all!) of you will return here some day to read more articles at Stuff I Wrote.

Thank you!

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Windows 7 Party Pack Unboxed!

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Steve Ballmer Win7 launch

Scratch what I said before, today I just received Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (for FREE!).

This post could be interpreted as an ode to the fantastic customer service you can receive from Microsoft. Actually scratch that, this post IS an ode to the fantastic customer service you can receive from Microsoft.

You can stop rubbing your eyes, it’s true.

About two weeks ago I happened upon a news item stating Microsoft were to celebrate the launch of Windows 7 worldwide by offering potential customers the opportunity to host their own Windows 7 launch parties. For your troubles (and assuming you were successful in being selected to host a launch party) you would receive a whole host of goodies in your ‘party pack’.

The official line was a mixed bag but was satisfactory although ultimately disappointing. I was not expecting to be graciously offered a USA Party Pack for gratis though!

Thinking this to be a great idea, and a great chance to grab a copy of Windows 7, I hastily made my way to the application website eager to submit my details in the hopes of making the cut to host a party. Unfortunately, living on an island the size of a pea doesn’t fall under the radar of countries eligible to participate in the promotion.

I was livid, every other region of the world was being represented here except for the Caribbean. Finding this to be a touch xenophobic I made a concerted effort to contact various folk at Microsoft (thanks The Consumerist!) to express my opinion and frustration. What happened next I could never have expected.

I received a reply via email the very next day.

A very courteous email arrived explaining reasons why the Caribbean region was not covered in the promotion. The official line was a mixed bag but was satisfactory although ultimately disappointing. I was not expecting to be graciously offered a USA Party Pack for gratis though! I submitted my delivery details as requested and sure enough today I received a giant box from Microsoft the contents of which you can see in my unboxing pictures below.

The goodies are actually very nice, especially the Windows 7 tote bags, perfect for the Cayman Islands for the beach! Also included were Windows 7 branded napkins, a puzzle pack; the pieces come together to form a wallpaper image from Windows 7. There was also a pack of Windows 7 playing cards, a colour poster and of course the piece de resistance, a FULL copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (Steve Ballmer Signature Edition). What I was not expecting though was the Anytime Upgrade to Ultimate Signature 64 bit edition. A nice bonus!

I feel very fortunate to have been offered the free party pack, but I hope also that the words I sent to Microsoft may make them reconsider their promotional strategy next time round. People do live in the Caribbean too you know!

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Cloud computing. It’s awesome but it’s not awesome really.

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Google logo

Cloud computing. It, along with virtualization are the two hottest things in the IT industry today. It’s also had a bit of a rough day today.

Virtualization speaks for itself (assuming you, the dear person reading this are IT savvy). If it doesn’t, to put it in basic terms, virtualization gives users the ability to consolidate several computers in to one ‘host’ computer. As an example let’s say I build one physical computer. I can then install virtualization software on that computer and effectively install multiple computer operating systems on to one computer. It therefore eliminates the cost of hardware and thus puts a nice big smile on the face of whoever handles the IT budget at your place of work. Read more »

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