Time for a redesign. Hand me my credit card!

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This mere little blog has been festering unloved since the dawn of late January 2010. I figured it was time for a redesign so I set aside everything else on my to do list, brewed some coffee, grabbed my wallet, rolled up my sleeves and went in search of a ‘pro theme’.

A ‘pro theme’ is an term used for a professionally designed, paid-for WordPress theme. The term itself can be altered to suit the product you are trying to find a theme for. Drupal, Joomla et al. Read more »

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Cloud computing. It’s awesome but it’s not awesome really.

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Cloud computing. It, along with virtualization are the two hottest things in the IT industry today. It’s also had a bit of a rough day today.

Virtualization speaks for itself (assuming you, the dear person reading this are IT savvy). If it doesn’t, to put it in basic terms, virtualization gives users the ability to consolidate several computers in to one ‘host’ computer. As an example let’s say I build one physical computer. I can then install virtualization software on that computer and effectively install multiple computer operating systems on to one computer. It therefore eliminates the cost of hardware and thus puts a nice big smile on the face of whoever handles the IT budget at your place of work. Read more »

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Late night hack attack!

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In case you actually visited this site at some point within the last 24hrs, this quick test post is just to let you know the site is slowly making it’s way back online after a hack attack.

I cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the problem but after a extensive research I found I was not alone in my suffering. Other WordPress users had suffered the exact same fate. Some nasty so-and-so has been exploiting a WordPress, or possibly Filezilla bug and posting IFRAME code across random pages of blogs.

Needless to say I took stock of the situation and ran, taking the decision to start fresh seeing as I had backups of my data. With the site still in it’s infancy I have the luxury of starting fresh. Some may not be so lucky, I feel for you.

I’ve taken appropriate action on the security side of things too so hopefully this will not happen again. Hopefully the exploit will be covered up soon enough (whatever it is that is found to be the problem).

For now, please bare with me as I get the site back up and running.

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