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New design

I don’t even need to confess, the date stamp says it all, I’ve not updated this site in forever. I apologize.

However upon embarking upon such a monumental feat as to write a new blog entry, I decided to couple it with a site makeover. I felt the old design wasn’t working out so I went for a different theme (plus my ever-ongoing tweaks) that I feel is much better suited and easier to use.

So what has been going on for all this time? Well, offline it’s been a very busy 5 or so weeks. I haven’t even had time to put any effort in to the music project at all, that has ground to a complete halt. Although with the schedule looking rather lighter in the coming weeks I should have a bit more time to dedicate to it.

I recently moved in to the world of the netbook by purchasing an Acer Aspire One. Would you believe it runs Windows 7 Ultimate astonishingly well? Windows 7 aside, the netbook and a copy of Notepad++ should provide ample opportunities to scribe new entries whilst on the go (or while the good lady is using this notebook to look at photos on social-networking websites).

I’m a keen follower of human rights issues, especially when it involves freedom of speech and privacy issues. I am closely following an issue close to home where a local ISP is looking to implement Deep Packet Inspection technology. The general public have been asked to provide input on the matter and I intend to submit my comments soon on the matter.

All of this should pack my schedule up quite nicely for the foreseeable!

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August 5th, 2009 at 10:20 am

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