Beginning writing and buying expensive things I don’t use.

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For all intents and purposes I thoroughly enjoy writing. Obviously else I would not have written this. Recently I took it upon myself to fire up a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 beta (I love open source but Office 2010 actually makes your manuscript look, well, ‘manuscripty’ and this pleases both my eyes and my heart). I immediately discovered that writing a blog post is easy, anyone can do that although it’s harder to write a blog post that is both interesting and something a complete stranger will want to read. Read more »

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Why we’re not ready for mainstream Tablet computing…yet

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Recently I discussed (albeit somewhat crudely) the mass flood of E-Reader devices that made their debut at the recent CES exhibition and what the future holds for Joe Average. I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal that yesterday I, yes me, despite the very best restraint I could muster, purchased an Amazon Kindle 2 which I will be collecting during my visit to Miami this coming weekend.

I expect buyer’s remorse to take effect by February 1.

Amid the guff surrounding the release of a new E-Reader device every 14.27 seconds during CES one player that kept it’s cards firmly pressed against it’s chest was Apple.

Until now. Read more »

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Tom Hanks, bowel evacuation and E-Readers. A love story.

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Scientists and Historians can be certain of two absolute and undeniable facts. Mankind has forever had the mandatory requirement to evacuate their bowels in turn leading them to spend literally thousands of years designing waste receptacles and developing elaborate sanitation systems to handle it. Mankind has also spent the best part of millions of years trying to communicate both verbally and through the written word. Thus thanks to this genius idea we have at least some sources of reference to study or read up on our ancestors. Proof, if any were needed, that the bathroom and the written word have been strangely entwined together since the dawn of time.

Fast forward to today, January 12th 2010. CES in Las Vegas is over and aside from all the hoo-haa over 3D televisions, the devices that I feel made the really big noise at this years’ exhibition were E-Readers. Read more »

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Cast your eyes to the right of the page…

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Over the past few days (rather, when I have had the time/energy/will) I have made a few changes to the site template (if you have never scrolled to the very bottom of the page before, you will not know this site uses a self-modified version of the excellent Journalist WordPress theme).

If you take a look down the right hand side of the page layout you will find I have made a few text-based changes and also added a few external links. Before anyone waves a handkerchief in my face, no, none of the links are referrals in an attempt to make money from the site’s five minutes of popularity so do feel free to click away minus malice. I’ll be brief in my explanation of each new external link I promise! Read more »

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