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Cast your eyes to the right of the page…

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Over the past few days (rather, when I have had the time/energy/will) I have made a few changes to the site template (if you have never scrolled to the very bottom of the page before, you will not know this site uses a self-modified version of the excellent Journalist WordPress theme).

If you take a look down the right hand side of the page layout you will find I have made a few text-based changes and also added a few external links. Before anyone waves a handkerchief in my face, no, none of the links are referrals in an attempt to make money from the site’s five minutes of popularity so do feel free to click away minus malice. I’ll be brief in my explanation of each new external link I promise! Read more »

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Google Reader: Information beautified.

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Google logo

RSS (aka: Really Simple Syndication) feeds have been a staple part of the Internet for several years. Conceived by employees at Apple around 1995, RSS feeds as we know them today were not widespread until around 1999 when the original idea devised at Apple was taken on by Netscape and used as part of their online web portal (by web portal think of the homepage of for example). RSS as we know it now, complete with the little orange RSS icon found across millions of web pages truly evolved around 2005/06.

That’s your history lesson for the day but for me, being a super 29 years old; RSS has been a minute, almost non-existent blip on my life radar for all these years…until last week. Read more »

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A quick site tour and a few choice words

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I’ve toyed with pod/video casting before albeit rather whimsically. With a fresh outlook and a renewed sense of joy and vigor I decided to crank things up a notch and introduce occasional videos to this here little website.

I have embedded my first YouTube video below (think before you click, you may have nightmares or die of terminal boredom after clicking play).  Not being a big fan of YouTube due to the poor video quality often delivered to my poor eyes, I have taken a stance of only creating and uploading high quality video. Opening and closing title cards were created using Paint.NET and hopefully you will agree convey the branding of the website over to my video content.

This first video gives you a quick tour of the site and gives you a little more insight as to what this site is all about. Please feel free to comment or send me an email, I would appreciate your feedback!

You can find future videos I post right here on the blog or visit my YouTube Channel for more information.

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