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New album project revealed!

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After much humming, fiddling and general brainstorming I have finally made a few decisions regarding my next album project. If you have not read the earlier post made announcing the new project read it now! Essentially this is a small project to keep me occupied, not (initially now anyway) a commercial project, just something put together casually for the joy of making electronic music. It has been some time since I have made anything new and with the extended break I feel it is also time to use a new artist name.

New artist name

Many moons ago I used the name ‘Delörean‘ (the ö was added to make it look extra German and therefor assumed to be extra ‘techno’, hey, everyone has been guilty of it in the electronic circles at some stage). The name was taken from my love of the best film ever made, Back To The Future. With a fresh start and a different outlook on the music I want to write I decided said fresh start requires a name change. I had a bit of a brainstorm and to be honest most of the monikers I was scribbling down sounded like something found on a badly photocopied flyer for a warehouse party circa August Bank Holiday UK 1992.

It was after several hours of listing useless artist names that I came up with the idea of using the internet in the hopes of finding a name generator specific to DJ culture; what luck, I found one! A quick bit of Google action brought me to this fantastic little random name generator by James Moss called the ‘Electro DJ Name Generator‘ (note: some results generated make use of rather colourful language, you have been warned).

This simple yet wonderful random name generator initially threw up a mix of comedic nonsense and coarse electro crudity results, none of which perked interest. The longer I clicked through random names the more I came across genuine results that I actually thought I could use. It was at this point I decided there was no point in trying too hard to come up with something ‘extra cool’ by myself and to actually let fate decide via the use of this random name generator and see if I could actually get something I genuinely liked and would use.

It is at this point I am going to have to come clean and tell you that as of right now I am not going to reveal what artist name I have chosen. The reason for this is because I have not yet secured the domain name (which at the time of typing this is still available) and do not want to end up with someone reading this (because my blog is so popular!) and squatting on the name. All in good time, keep reading the blog and all will be revealed!

Album name

It’s too early really to comment on the album name, I’ve only just started laying down beats for goodness sake! However I can divulge a little about what the album will be about and it’s style.

What I am planning is a mix of several styles to feature on the album ranging from minimal techno to hard, funk-encrusted techno, ambient journeys and breakcore (for want of not using the silly ‘IDM tag’). It’s not really a decision made for want of being a bandwagoner but rather techno (in it’s purest form), ambient soundscapes and fast, complex technical breakbeats are something I have enjoyed listening to and creating for years.

If you want a biographical lesson I would probably date my interest in these genres back to some of the first vinyl and cassette recordings I ever owned. While others were running to the high street stores snapping up copies of Now! 8 (ok, I admit I actually bought this too, it was one of the first compilations I ever bought) I was (also!) out hitting record shops scouring out early recordings on the R&S label from Belgium.

While the kids were enjoying the latest material by The Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran and Morris Minor And The Majors (as was I of course), I was also savouring incredible tracks such as the awe inspiring and brain twisting brilliance of Mentasm and Energy Flash by Joey Beltram. This snowballed in to the discovery of other artists such as Outlander, Dave Angel (the link points to one of my favourite tracks of all-time), Peter Lazonby, Dave Clarke and the incredible Jeff Mills. I could sit here all day typing name after name of those that captured and shaped my musical imagination but I think you get the point!

The essential idea and theme of this project is based on airports and the age of flight both past and future (by that I mean the imminent age of space tourism and therefor the advancement by mankind to the next, new age of flight).

Each track is going to be titled after an airport that I myself have passed through. The idea is to capture the feeling not only of flight, future and technology but also to add a vibe exclusive to that particular destination. For example, let’s use Miami airport. This could be composed mainly of a techno style but peppered with latin flavour to acknowledge the impact the Latin community has on this particular area of the USA.

FREE album sample download!

That is just a quick example to express my intentions for this project. To actually give you a sample at it’s most basic, have a look below at a small clip of a track I am working on right now. If you cannot see the player below you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player in order to play the audio sample.

Bare in mind this is a clip of some beats I threw together very quickly just to get started and to show you a little taste of what I am working on right now. I actually think I spent more time adding aircraft effects and panning than I did with anything else it is that early!

I will be posting more samples as I work on this project so do stay tuned to this blog for updates. Please do leave your comments I would love to read and respond to what you have to say.

If you are a musician I would love to check out your work too! Hopefully now you will have an idea on what shaped my musical interests and what this new project (I remind you it’s just for fun, a hobby if you will) is all about.

Stay tuned for future updates as well as a reveal on my new artist name and full breakdown on the album and track titles.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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June 25th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

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