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I’m heading back to the studio

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A fair æon or two ago I would spend many an hour making music. A minor amount of success was attained as I was awarded Electronic Artist Of The Month by Yahoo! and Real for some pieces I wrote earlier on this decade. I also managed to get one of my pieces reviewed in (now defunct) MP3 Magazine which was a fantastic personal achievement considering I never really promoted any of my stuff on my old Besonic account! It’s been a couple of years now since I have written anything new but I’ve got a taste for it again and am starting toying with ‘beats and pieces’ (sigh!) in the aims of putting together some new material.

As I am living abroad right now and don’t have my full quota of equipment to hand I am looking in to some alternative packages to put simple music together, just to get the creative juices flowing again. One of my favourite packages is Fruity Loops although I also like to work with some of the great tools and the flexibility of Adobe Audition too (not really a fan of the multitrack feature so much though).

To whet your appetite I have included a link in this post to a track I wrote some time ago called Love (How Do You Say?) which I wrote under my artist moniker of ‘Delörean‘. Feel free to download it, redistribute it, remix it, cut it up, mash it up whatever your whim although if you do perform any of these actions please do pass the credit back. I’ve hosted the file with popular file storage guru’s MediaFire so as not to zap what little bandwidth allowance my hosting provider provides.

If you have any difficulty using the link please do leave a comment and I will fix it asap. Enjoy the free track, I would love to read your comments on it and keep a look out for future posts of new material!



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June 24th, 2009 at 4:02 pm

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